The study has started

Study in Oxford starts long before the first arrival to the university. Yesterday I received access to the intranet website with pre-course study and information. It will take a lot of work, as even the preliminary reading list counts about two dozen of articles and a couple of books, and not the lists are ready yet for all classes. I knew that the study will start from a course on general management, but now it looks like general management will be completely self-study, as there is no general management class in the timetable, but there is an announcement about some assessment for that course within Module 1. Also it is possible that general management classes do exist, but have other names. All lectures in the module have their own names, and it is not clear now how they relate to formal courses and exams. I expect to see that later, when the information about assessments is published.

I am afraid that, taking into account the current state of the timetable, this assessment can be held only in the night. The timetable for the first module looks as follows: it will start on Sunday, 19th of January, and end on Saturday, 25th.

On Sunday we have some social events that end with a dinner. The main part of the module lasts from Monday to Friday. Every day starts at 8:30 and is packed with classes and events until dinner at 19:00 or 19:30.

The plans for each day:

  • Monday:
    • Registration and welcome lecture from the dean
    • Students introduction
    • David Upton “Case based learning”
    • Introduction to IT services
    • Tim Morris “Leadership”
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
    • Jon Stokes “Personality at Work”
    • Matriculation Ceremony
    • Groups & Team Work
    • Mari Sako “Global Business”
  • Friday:
    • James Taylor “Decision & Data Analytics”
    • Hamish Magoffin “Excel Workshop”
  • Saturday:
    • Debate (Oxford Union)