GOTO project

I have finished the first assignment in the EMBA course. It was not from one of the basic subjects. Instead it related to a project that is a part of the programme. The project called GOTO, Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford. The idea is to study one actual trend of modern society and to do some standard analytical work on it. The project is managed through a special website, where we can see our tasks, reading list, other students’ papers and so on. The site is a little bit slow, as are all the other Oxford websites, but I like it.

Our topic is Big Data. The reading list for the first stage includes a book ‘Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think’ by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger (he was our guest lecturer at Module 1) and a dozen of articles. However to write a good essay, I had to study many new technical things too. NoSQL, Hadoop, Node.js etc. The last one I knew and even tried to use before, but others were new concepts.

The assignment for the first stage was an essay, and the subtopic was ‘privacy and Big Data’. The next stage will end with an interview with some person who is an expert in Big Data, and at the last stage we will analyse the possible applications of Big Data in our companies.

It is very interesting to think about what I will get for the essay. I never tried writing one  before, at least I never wrote essays in English that would be graded.