I have just received the confirmation that Keble has offered me membership. It was the first college in my list, so I am completely happy with the state of things in this affairs.


Keble College’s Liddon Quad, Photograph by Ani Kojoyan, copied from

Though the role of colleges for Executive MBA students is still unclear. I tried to look for recommendations on choosing a college on the internet and asked people from faculty and alumni, but received contradictory advice. The main ideas were:

  1. Choose a college not far from the business school. This excluded several colleges from the list, but not many.
  2. Choose an old and beautiful college. It is not a part of your study, it is more a part of your feelings from the study, so why not making it memorable. It was the exact reason for my choice from a short list of colleges.
  3. Choose a college that offers the courses you are interested in. It is strange, but the college guide for MBA students does not include this information. However, it can be found on the Oxford’s website in the section for undergraduates.
  4. And the contradictory part:
      1. Choose a college having a lot of MBA students to be with ‘your’ kind of people in the college; or:
      2. Choose a college with majority of undergraduates. The explanations were always vague, but this idea was promoted by the most experienced people among those I asked, so I just have taken it on trust.

My choice was Keble. Old and beautiful; not next to the business school, but not too far; offers my courses; has majority of undergraduates and a couple of dozens of MBA students. Will see what it means in practice.